Freddie Wyndham Yoga - logophilosophy
  1. Prayer
  2. Dhyana, Jnana and Bhakti - Living the Life of a Yogi
  3. Meditation - Experiencing Your Beingness
  4. Happiness is the natural state of our Being
  5. Conscious Awareness
  6. Metaphors to illustrate the Nature of our True Self Ė the Soul
  7. What is the Heart?
  8. Our Soul is our true and deepest Teacher
  9. Two facets of our Spiritual Practice and Life
  10. What is Yoga?
  11. Jnanahata Yoga
  12. Our Sadhana is a process of Purification
  13. Samskaras
  14. Sanskrit and The Study of The Yoga Texts and Scriptures
  15. Yoga Sutras
  1. Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga
  2. Dhyana (meditation)
  3. Samadhi
  4. The Metaphor of a Raft Flowing On a River
  5. A guided Dhyana Practice
  6. Intuition and Omniscience
  7. What is Meditation?
  8. Practicing the Presence
  9. What is Enlightenment?
  10. Chanting and Mantra
  11. Yoga and Spirituality
  12. New Years Message 2009
  13. Reawakening: Spring Message 2010
  14. How do you define Love?
  15. Christmas/New Years Prayer/Message 2011
  16. The Miracle of Yoga - New Years Message 2012
  17. Heaven of our Hearts - New Years Message 2013


When you're sitting for meditation, and your meditation becomes very deep, you may begin to experience the love and joy that are native qualities of your Soul arising in your conscious awareness. What's actually happening is that the ripples or turbulence in your more superficial consciousness are quieting down so that it becomes more transparent, and you're beginning to experience your deeper pure consciousness or Self. If you can be very still and quite and surrender into that experience, you will enter the stage of Dhyana, which is to become immersed in an unbroken experience of that love and joy. This experience is so captivating that youíre drawn into the experience, and your meditation becomes virtually effortless. Itís like the raft on the river metaphor: youíre flowing effortlessly on an eternal river of joy and love. Itís more like youíre surrendering and becoming immersed in that experience more than it is concentration. As you continue to surrender deeper and deeper into an unbroken experience of that flowing, joyful, loving, pure awareness that is your Soul, you will eventually experience yourself as, or to be, that love and joy. That experience is Samadhi.