Freddie Wyndham Yoga - logophilosophy
  1. Prayer
  2. Dhyana, Jnana and Bhakti - Living the Life of a Yogi
  3. Meditation - Experiencing Your Beingness
  4. Happiness is the natural state of our Being
  5. Conscious Awareness
  6. Metaphors to illustrate the Nature of our True Self the Soul
  7. What is the Heart?
  8. Our Soul is our true and deepest Teacher
  9. Two facets of our Spiritual Practice and Life
  10. What is Yoga?
  11. Jnanahata Yoga
  12. Our Sadhana is a process of Purification
  13. Samskaras
  14. Sanskrit and The Study of The Yoga Texts and Scriptures
  15. Yoga Sutras
  1. Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga
  2. Dhyana (meditation)
  3. Samadhi
  4. The Metaphor of a Raft Flowing On a River
  5. A guided Dhyana Practice
  6. Intuition and Omniscience
  7. What is Meditation?
  8. Practicing the Presence
  9. What is Enlightenment?
  10. Chanting and Mantra
  11. Yoga and Spirituality
  12. New Years Message 2009
  13. Reawakening: Spring Message 2010
  14. How do you define Love?
  15. Christmas/New Years Prayer/Message 2011
  16. The Miracle of Yoga - New Years Message 2012
  17. Heaven of our Hearts - New Years Message 2013

Meditation — Experiencing Your Beingness

Instead of trying to be still or define stillness experience yourself as stillness. Instead of trying to be quiet or define silence experience yourself as silence. The moment you try to define or describe anything, you're in the mind. The mind is wonderful and marvelous. It's the medium through which we connect, communicate and interact with the world and those around us. It's a part of us just like our body is a part of us. But we are not the mind and we are not the body. We are consciousness. And the nature of our consciousness is infinite, boundless and immortal truth, love, joy and allness of good. It can't be defined or even conceived by the mind because it's too vast. It's beyond the scope of the mind. It can only be experienced. In order to know yourself as the boundless and immortal love, truth, joy and goodness that is your real being, you have to experience yourself as that consciousness. The way to experience that is what we call meditation. But meditation is not a doing. It's a surrender into pure beingness. A surrender into the experience of pure consciousness, which is your Self.

There are two things about defining that diminish your meditation experience. One: definition is a function of the mind. Therefore when you're defining your experience, you're in the mind and not your spiritual consciousness. Two: any definition of the mind is infinitesimal compared to the omnipresent infinity of your spiritual consciousness. Settle into the awareness of awareness its self and learn to liberate yourself from the need to define what you're experiencing. Be still and quiet and allow the qualities of your pure consciousness beyond the mind to be manifested. There's no need to search for anything you are happiness, you are truth, you are love, light, wisdom and goodness. To search means you think it's somewhere else and you'll never find it because it's already and always right here and now where you are: in your beingness, your awareness, your consciousness.

What you are is closer and deeper than thoughts, words, definitions, memories or the mind. Meditation is a very simple thing. It's becoming immersed in pure still quiet awareness and nothing more. It becomes more when you surrender into your pure consciousness: because when you experience yourself as the wave of infinite love that is your pure consciousness the Soul you experience God the ocean of love that the wave of your Soul is arising out of, that you are one with, that you are made of. But the process its self is very simple - becoming immersed in pure awareness. There may be trillions of thoughts whirling around the periphery of your pure consciousness (in the mind). The challenge is not allowing yourself to become attached to them because then you're drawn into the mind and the past or future instead of the present moment, which is the only time and place where pure consciousness, and thus meditation, can be experienced.

When you allow yourself to surrender into the experience of pure awareness, into the absolute stillness and silence of pure awareness, you experience yourself as truth, as love, as joy, as goodness. You're allowing the qualities or nature of your beingness to be manifested. Not creating it. Allowing it to be manifested. Allowing yourself to experience it to experience beingness. The more you surrender and the more you experience it, the more those qualities are manifested and the deeper you sink into the reality of your Soul, your beingness, your Self. It's a state of joyful and divine grace.