Freddie Wyndham Yoga - logophilosophy
  1. Prayer
  2. Dhyana, Jnana and Bhakti - Living the Life of a Yogi
  3. Meditation - Experiencing Your Beingness
  4. Happiness is the natural state of our Being
  5. Conscious Awareness
  6. Metaphors to illustrate the Nature of our True Self the Soul
  7. What is the Heart?
  8. Our Soul is our true and deepest Teacher
  9. Two facets of our Spiritual Practice and Life
  10. What is Yoga?
  11. Jnanahata Yoga
  12. Our Sadhana is a process of Purification
  13. Samskaras
  14. Sanskrit and The Study of The Yoga Texts and Scriptures
  15. Yoga Sutras
  1. Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga
  2. Dhyana (meditation)
  3. Samadhi
  4. The Metaphor of a Raft Flowing On a River
  5. A guided Dhyana Practice
  6. Intuition and Omniscience
  7. What is Meditation?
  8. Practicing the Presence
  9. What is Enlightenment?
  10. Chanting and Mantra
  11. Yoga and Spirituality
  12. New Years Message 2009
  13. Reawakening: Spring Message 2010
  14. How do you define Love?
  15. Christmas/New Years Prayer/Message 2011
  16. The Miracle of Yoga - New Years Message 2012
  17. Heaven of our Hearts - New Years Message 2013


Prayer mood; holy instant; sacred moment:
Dear God, guide me to always know and remember that my Consciousness (Soul/Self) is a wave on the Ocean of Your Blessed Loving Consciousness: that I am a wave of love on the ocean of Your infinite love; a wave of joy on the ocean of Your infinite joy; a wave of truth and wisdom on the ocean of Your infinite truth and wisdom; and a wave of goodness on the ocean of Your infinite goodness. Guide me to always know and remember that my whole being and life is a manifestation an unfolding - of You and that therefore allness of good is the only reality of my being and life. Thank you for creating me out of Your being Your love, truth, goodness and joy - and for blessing me with the knowing of that truth. Thank you God for blessing me with conscious awareness of Your blessed loving presence and for blessing me with love for You. Guide me to always know and remember that I live in Your grace and guidance and that Your grace is my sufficiency in and as all things and in all ways. Guide me to always know, remember and feel Your total, infinite and eternal love for me. Guide me to always know and remember that all I have to do to know these truths - and to know, love and experience You, Your love and truth is to become immersed in, surrender into, the experience of my own pure awareness because that is where You are to be found because my consciousness is Your presence. I love you with all of my heart, my blessed loving Father, Mother, Friend guide me to always know and remember that You're present in the temple of my devotion in the temple of my life. Dear God, my blessed lord, I humble and surrender myself unto you in deepest love, devotion and gratitude. I'm certain of Your love, presence, truth, grace and guidance.