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How Do You Define Love

Everyone in your life is your teacher, and you are a teacher to everyone in your life. Let your life be a study of love; let your life be a teaching of love.

Pink RoseLove is a way of living: it is your being. And even though it's important to be thoughtful, living a life of love isn't as much an expression of the mind as it is a living out from the deepest, most pure consciousness of our being the Soul. Even though our hearts are expressed naturally to a degree, in order to live out from our Soul, we first have to come to know ourselves as Soul. We have to discover and experience the consciousness of pure and eternal love, joy, truth and goodness that is our real being and Self. It's not something we have to create or become. We already are that love and truth.

In essence love is beyond description because it resides in and as a part of us that is deeper than the mind. The mind is a vehicle for the expression of our Soul and the medium through which we connect and interact with the world and those around us. But in order to know our pure being we have to become liberated from that part of us that categorizes, names, explains and describes things and become immersed in pure awareness its self. The way to know love is to experience or express it. Gangaji says: "When you're expressing love, you're expressing God. When you're experiencing love, you're experiencing God."

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